The title mostly says it. Nearly all software is crap, in some way. This blog is my outlet for ranting about what I perceive to be issues in the design or implementation of various software – generally software that I use and which, despite the title of the blog, I generally don’t feel is wholly crap, but which is still for one reason or another less great than it could be.

When I started this, nobody ever read it. I was inspired by Hani Suleiman’s Bileblog – I wanted to write in a “humorously offensive” style, but focus less on Java and more on other software in the OSS world. I think I’ve failed somewhat in that regard; I can’t maintain Hani’s filth-talk with any sincerity. I settled for using troll-ish titles and ranting about any particular software thing that annoyed me, or sometimes using it more as a general purpose blog. Occasionally, I think I’ve produced something worthwhile, though I’m fine with admitting that there’s a lot of crap here as well.

However, the readership has grown a bit and I feel like I need to take this blog a little more seriously from here on in. With that in mind, some advice to readers:

  1. Don’t take the post titles too seriously
  2. In general, focus on content rather than tone
  3. If you’re personally offended, I almost certainly didn’t intend that. Let me know, or post a rebuttal.


Reviews of Software is Crap

Kind of needlessly smug, but interesting and with a conclusion less trollish than the title

random twitter user

This is reddit-level drivel. Please refrain from posting it.

random hacker news reader


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