Php 5.3.3

When running “./configure –help” for PHP 5.3.3, one of the output lines is:

–without-sqlite3[=DIR] Do not include SQLite3 support. DIR is the prefix to
SQLite3 installation directory.

… which cracks me up. I need to specify the installation directory of SQLite3, in order to not include support for it in my PHP build?!!

Update 22/9/2010: I couldn’t manage to get php-5.3.3 to build on a Solaris system. I’m now trying 5.1.5; I’ve got this to build but for some reason it doesn’t build the cgi support even though I’ve specified “–with-cgi” on the configure command line. Googling reveals that maybe I need to disable Apache support for this, which lead to this equally daft configure output:

./configure –without-apache –without-apxs –with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql –with-gnu-ld –enable-cgi –enable-fastcgi
loading cache ./config.cache
checking for Cygwin environment… (cached) no
checking for mingw32 environment… (cached) no
checking for egrep… (cached) egrep
checking for a sed that does not truncate output… (cached) /usr/bin/sed
checking host system type… sparc-sun-solaris2.9
checking target system type… sparc-sun-solaris2.9
configure: error: –with-apache and –with-apxs cannot be used together

I mean, seriously… I specified without apache and without apxs, and it tells me that I can’t use the “with” options together??!!


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