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Schwartz did not. Innocent until proven otherwise.


OSNews is running an article with this headline:

De Icaza: Sun’s Schwartz Pitched Google Lawsuit to Oracle

Seriously. De Icaza is saying that Schwartz had actually pitched the idea of a a Google lawsuit to Oracle; but he has nothing to back it up.

His report has been confirmed by James Gosling …

No it hasn’t. James Gosling’s blog post says nothing about J. Schwartz whatsoever. In this community I’d expect a bit more constraint. Icaza is full of crap in this. All you have to do is read James’ blog post. He, repeat, says nothing about Schwartz. Why is De Icaza pointing fingers?

Icaza specifically says:

So now we know that Jonathan shopped Sun with a big “Sue Google” sign. So much for his visionary patent defense against Apple and of course this jewel: …

Ehh, wrong. Icaza, you really are an idiot. Read James’ friggin’ post. OSNews, you are also idiots for reporting this.

Update 2012-05-07: So Google’s star witness in Oracle vs Google is… Jonathan Schwartz. So much for De Icaza’s credibility.