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Apple Sues Again


A while ago I wrote an entry saying how Psystar, which appears to be a Florida-based company, has begun producing Mac clones which can run Mac OS X. These clones were never sanctioned by Apple, and there was some speculation at the time that Apple would fire its legal cannons at some point.

It seems that time has now come.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. From what I can gather, Apple are arguing that trademark infringements have occurred and weakened Apple’s name. Without knowing much detail, this sounds pretty weak. On the other hand, Apple has a lot of money and a lot of lawyers. Also, as I’ve discussed previously, Apple software EULAs often specifically state that you may not use their software on non-Apple hardware – a term which may or may not be enforcable in the courts.

Only time will tell.

2008-8-7: Psystar has countersued Apple, for anticompetitive business practices.