The Alternative Mac?

Recently I wrote a post about Apple’s EULA for various of their software products requiring that the software only be installed and run on Apple-manufactured hardware. Just recently, a company called Psystar Corporation (yeah, I don’t know how to pronounce it either) made an interesting announcement: they are producing Mac-compatible PCs which can run OS X. Not only that, but they’re willing to sell you OS X Leopard pre-installed on the machines.

I wonder what Apple’s response to this will be. Apple are fairly litigous and I will think they will probably try for an injunction if they think they have any chance of succeeding. Of course, they might decide they don’t. I’ve already said that I think the terms of the EULA are anti-competitive and should be illegal; now, we might find out what the courts think (or at least, whether Apple believes its own terms are enforcable. If it doesn’t, that certainly leads to the question of why they inclue these terms in the first place…).

Edit 17/04/08: You might want to be careful before you give this company any money. See what OSNews says.

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