Eclipse website

What the hell is the matter with the people who design the eclipse website? It’s not clear what the latest release is nor how to find out (3.3.1, I think). When I click “download” the choice I am presented with is a bunch of language IDEs – why can’t I download the components like I used to be able to? Ok, I can; I have to “browse downloads by project” – which is hidden in a small box at the right of the download page – then choose “Eclipse Platform” (or JDT or PDE, which link to the same destination, though other items under the “Eclipse Project” don’t) – then click on the release which it turns out is 3.3.1 – then I can view the readme, and a list of components which can be downloaded.

Of course they’re not strictly speaking components seeing as some seem to contain others. Maybe. At least, I was able to get Eclipse running without downloading the “RCP Runtime Binary” (RCP = Rich Client Platform) which sounds fairly important, I’m assuming it’s included in the “Platform Runtime Binary”. I could be wrong. In any case an explanation of what each bit actually is wouldn’t be unwelcome.

The readme, incidentally, does contain a chapter 7 which lists bugs fixed between 3.3.1 and 3.3, however this chapter doesn’t appear in the table of contents at the beginning of the document for some unfathomable reason. And there doesn’t seem to be a list of actual changes between the 3.2 and 3.3 series anywhere. I presume there was some reason for calling it 3.3 instead of 3.2.3? (and perhaps a reason also for not displaying the version in the startup splash window anymore?)

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